The new packaging! Grid 1 kg
PostedThe new packaging! Grid 1 kg


We are happy to announce the launch of new packaging for our services.

It is a grid with a capacity of 1 kg, packaging in bag 10 kg. Grids have a label in two versions:

  • Labels  EKO PODLASIE (on the outside) and bar code and product information (on the inside)
  • Labels empty (on the outside and inside) with additions text, depending on customer needs



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Address: 17-300 Siemiatycze ul. Wysoka 82


Tel/fax (biuro): + 48 519 333 207, +48 512 341 380

GSM (Sales): +48 519 333 205

About us:

BWB PODLASIE Sp. z o.o. is organization of producers of vegetables and fruits formed in 2008.

The producer group decided on joint action in order to obtain higher quality products and a joint meeting current standards and the increasing demands of customers.

Farmlands belonging to our group are located in the province Podlasie on area of more than 730 hectares. All our growers keep the grace periods and good farming practices on their farms.

Our partners:

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Berries sales group :

National Blackcurrant Growers Association (KSPCP):

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